What is Azure Spring Cloud

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Recently Microsoft partnered with Pivotal launched the new service which is “Azure Spring Cloud”. Azure spring cloud is a service which will helps the developer to build and deploy highly scalable spring application to cloud without the need to configure the infrastructure.

Azure Spring Cloud is a fully-managed service for microservices, powered by Spring Cloud and Azure Kubernetes Service.

The companies launched the service this week as a private preview at the SpringOne Platform conference in Austin, Texas. Both companies will operate and support this jointly created managed service.

How Azure Spring Cloud is useful?

With spring cloud, developing and deploying spring applications on cloud become simpler for the developer but we still need to configure the infrastructure to run into production. Azure spring cloud overcomes this by doing the following.

  • It provides Dynamic Scaling, Managing components and also it helps to integrate the logging infrastructure to the application.
  • In a few clicks, you will get your Spring Cloud application up and running with all of the above mentioned services.
  • Application monitoring got easier since they have integrated Azure Monitor so by doing one can check how the application is performing, detect and diagnose issues across the application.
  • It has integrated load balancers and 100GB of storage.

Also since the application is deployed in Azure, one can easily integrate with Azure Cosmos DB.

In addition to all above you will get the security of Azure and also you don’t have to worry about security patches for your application because applying patches will be fully auto refreshed. These patches also include refreshing JDK with regularly released patches.

In which region it is available?

Azure Spring Cloud is available in Azure West Europe, Azure East US, Azure West US 2, and Azure Southeast Asia.


Currently, it’s still in beta and no pricing is announced yet but based on the first analysis it is an option one can definitely look to deploy Spring / Spring Boot application.

When it will be available in the market?

Currently, Azure Spring Cloud service is in preview mode. You can opt for it by registering yourself here.