Introduction to Big Data Solutions

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In this chapter, we will see the overview of the Big Data Solutions and Data Warehouse in AWS. As both are broad concepts on their own, however, we will see an overview of both topics which are important at this stage as well as the certification exam viewpoint.

Overview of Data warehousing in AWS:

  • Data warehousing is a critical component for analyzing and extracting actionable insights from your data.
  • It is a central repository of information that can be analyzed to make better-informed decisions.
  • Amazon Redshift allows you to deploy a scalable data warehouse in matter minutes and start to analyze your data right away using your existing business intelligence tools.
  • It’s a fast, fully-managed, and cost-effective data warehousing system.
  • You can analyze all your data using standard SQL and your existing Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Amazon Redshift also includes Redshift Spectrum, allowing you to directly run SQL queries against exabytes of unstructured data in Amazon S3.

Big data solutions in AWS:

  • Being able to understand your business on a deeper level using all your data is the ultimate goal of Big Data.
  • Achieving this goal will allow your organization to make smarter, strategic decisions based on facts.
  • Big Data solutions require flexible scalable environments, and the agility to bring components online as needed and shut down when not.
  • This has always been a challenge for on-premise data centers within organizations.
  • It simply is not cost-effective to lay out the capital expense to maintaining the hardware and infrastructure required to support Big Data.
  • With AWS, we’ve got an entire end-to-end suite for large knowledge services that meet current demands, on the cloud, and with scale. Massive knowledge with AWS.
  • It provides excellent solutions for each stage of the extensive knowledge lifecycle:
  •   Collection
  •   Streaming
  •   Storing data in many relevant databases (both SQL and NoSQL)
  •   Managed warehouses
  •   Processing of knowledge streams and elastic Hadoop processes.

AWS provides a full range of tools to handle all your Big Data needs.

  •   Amazon EMR(Elastic MapReduce)
  •   Amazon DynamoDB
  •   Amazon Lambda
  •   Amazon Machine Learning
  •   Hadoop EMR
  •   Amazon Redshift   Kinesis Firehose